New Health Clinic Opening in Beckley Have Citizens Concerned

Upset citizens voiced their worries about a new health clinic that plans to offer suboxone treatment in Beckley last Tuesday and the Mayor said he was among the concerned residents.

“I am guilty. I got a little caught up in the panic and the large turnout at the city council meeting last Tuesday,” said Mayor Rappold.

The mayor said he is glad that he has the opportunity to dispell some incorrect assumptions that were made during the city meeting.

“I’m just very thankful that we’ve had this opportunity to circle back on this problem and again dispell some of the incorrect assumptions that have been made,” said Rappold.

There will be a town hall meeting in the council chambers of city hall in Beckley on July 16th at
6:30 pm.

“I think there will be some other physicians from WVU in Morgantown who will be on hand to answer any questions and basically demonstrate what a professional and compassionate practice this will be so I am glad that we have that on the schedule,” said the Mayor.

In the end, Mayor Rappold is hoping this meeting will help residents regain a sense of compassion.

“I guess that is what I would like to see come out of the meeting would be a renewed spirit of compassion for people who are having problems right now,” said the Mayor.

If you would like to voice concerns or ask questions about the new health clinic on South Kanawha Street, you are urged to attend the meeting on the 16th.

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