New Grocery Store Opening In Smithers

SMITHERS,WV (WOAY)-  By the new year, the town of Smithers will be receiving a new grocery store.

It might be the smallest of all the Kroger Stores but it’s a big expansion for Grant’s Supermarket. Kroger’s recently announced plans to close the 18-thousand square foot store at the end of October. Which meant locals would have had to drive 30 minutes to the nearest food store.

“I think it’s really good especially for a town like this. I just feel more comfortable coming somewhere small like this other than somewhere big. Cause if we don’t come here then we have to go to Quincy or Charleston to shop.” Resident Leighann Cole, said.

Grants plan to start renovations on the store in November. City leaders are grateful that a new grocery store will open it’s doors very shortly after Krogers closes.

Mayor Cavalier of Smithers added, “I’m so happy for our citizens, there was a lot of fear for people who don’t drive at night, don’t drive well, don’t drive distances, our elderly, our sick they were extremely worried so for the city residents I’m very happy.”

A store manager has been hired as well as a meat manager, who is transferring from the Oak Hill store.

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