New DMV Kiosk

The residents of Beckley no longer have to wait in line at their local DMV office, with the
newly installed DMV Kiosk. It’s straight forward and user-friendly. Pat Reed, DMV Commissioner said,”It will save you time, it’s very quick. Sometimes you can go to the regional and it’s not busy. But for instance today being the last day of the month, it’s very busy”. This is the first kiosk in Beckley to be installed and it will be very convenient for people who go to this gas station.

The kiosk is located inside the Sheetz on N Eisenhower Drive; and it is not only benefiting
the DMV, but also the gas station. Which is open 24 hours a day.

JR Haglund, Intellectual Tech. Sales Rep. said, “Anyone who will frequent their local gas stations, and grocery stores. They go there to pick up gas and groceries. They can also walk inside renew their registration and drivers license. It automatically prints right there with a sticker on it, you put on your license plate and you are done.”

This isn’t the last DMV kiosk for the area, but the first of many.┬áPat Reed, DMV Commissioner said, “We are putting them across the state and there will be more added in time, but for right now this is the only one in the Beckley area.”

The DMV Commissioner is hoping this will help people throughout the state to save time
in just a matter of minutes.

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