New Busses for the New River Transit

If you ride the New River Transit busses, they have some exciting news for their passengers. “Very exciting for New River Transit, we got our three new busses in the implementation of the New River Transit Authority history.” says, Andy Austin, who is the Director of New River Transit. There are currently sixteen busses, including three new ones. The busses have two city routes in downtown Beckley. The other route goes through Fayette County all the way up to Fayetteville. Another thing they are also happy about is, how the new busses were purchased. “The one thing that were really proud of with these first three busses, is were able to get all three busses for around eight-hundred and fifty-two dollars per bus out of local pocket.” says Austin.

New River Transit does not offer weekend services yet, but Austin says they are looking into it. “Well, that’s part of the reason that it’s pretty exciting to get new busses so we can expand the fleet. So we can look into doing an expansion of services.” says Austin.

Although, Austin is very thrilled about the three new busses, he says he has one goal for 2017. “Our next goal, that I want to get accomplished, is to do a route analysis, to see what we can do to get more ridership.” says Austin.

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