New book details rich history of Mercer County Forestry Sciences Lab

PRINCETON, WV (WOY) – A local politician is releasing a book about a historic forestry center. 

Forestry Sciences Lab in Mercer County” is the tenth book County Commission Bill Archer has written in his Images of America series.

The book features hundreds of historical photographs detailing the forestry center.

Bill archer says many photographs were uncovered when the center was given to the county, and he was then inspired to write the book.

“I learned a lot about this facility during the process of compiling the book, and it only made me have a great sense of responsibility to try to make this center a historic preservation project as well as something that can benefit the entire community,” Archer said. 

Proceeds from the book’s sales will go directly to the facility and its new purpose as a public service center. The book officially releases March 8.

Archer also plans on hosting a book signing soon after the book officially releases.

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