New board game featuring West Virginia restaurants sees great support on Kickstarter

BECKLEY, WV (WOAY) – A new board game featuring West Virginia restaurants and landmarks is coming out soon.

The game called ‘Hungry for Humans’ is published by Lonely Hero Games, a board game publishing company founded in Beckley.

This is their second board game, and it will feature some local restaurants like the Chocolate Moose in Beckley. One of the publishers says It’s all about feeding local food to a monster before it eats the player. 

“The game is called Hungry for Humans,” Publisher Jared Kaplan said. “You have a friendly monster that protects you from other monsters, but is hungry for humans. So in order to satisfy its hunger, you have to feed it the best human food you can find. And what better place to find your best food than West Virginia?”

The game is on Kickstarter now, and backers who pledge $30 or more can get their own copy of the game when it comes out. 

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