Neighbors Loving Neighbors

Flood victims from all different counties in Southern West Virginia came together on Friday to celebrate the building of their new homes.  A block party was hosted for all the victims at the White Sulphur Springs Civic Center, many victims attended the event.  The event was hosted by an organization, Neighbors Loving Neighbors, this organization helped rebuild homes for several of the victims who had lost them during the flooding.  President, Habibi Mamone, stated during an interview, “We’ve helped over 350 families, and that would be providing building materials, repairing homes, purchasing mobile homes, building new construction.”  Several of the victims had not only lost their homes in June 2016, but they also lost their belongings as well as their memories.  Urma Morgan, a flood victim stated, “Very little, very little was saved because of black mold, because of the muck, contamination, very little was saved.”  Another flood victim, Andy Braden stated, “We lost everything.”  These are only a couple of victims who were affected by the flooding.  Another resident of Southern West Virginia, Barbara Long, was also affected by the flooding. During an interview she stated, “I really don’t know what I’ve lost or what I’ve had, most of my downstairs, I lost the furniture mostly.”  Although, several of these victims were affected, many of them had nothing but positive things to say when asked how they had felt about their new homes being built by Neighbors Loving Neighbors. Urma Morgan said, “Were just blessed, we were able to wait and be patient.” Barbara Long, stated, “The Neighbors Loving Neighbors have been very nice, I have clothes from them.” Resident, Andy Braden said, “I love them.  I’m real thankful.”

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