Neighbors Loving Neighbors Visited Richwood, West Virginia

Richwood, West Virginia is just the latest community to come together to help families left homeless by last summer’s floods. “It’s been an on-going process and so today is basically groundbreaking for ten homes. Neighbors Loving Neighbors is leading the efforts but were collaborating with so many other affiliations.” Habibi Mamone, President of Neighbors Loving Neighbors says. “We are happy to be apart of it happy to provide some support, some program management for the site work and some funding.” says Tom Crabtree who is the President for, Homes of White Sulphur Springs.

The project even captured the attention of Country Singer, Brad Paisley, who donated money to build the new homes. This is only the beginning, Mamone says. The group is working on building even more houses. “As long as have money, were going to keep building.” Mamone says.

The Mayor of Richwood, Dr. Bob Henry Baber, described the building of these new homes as a rebirth. “We’ve also had so many beautiful people come to us, help us and drop down like angels from heaven, it’s awesome.”  Baber says.

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