Neighborhood Watch Stopping Crime in Raleigh County

Community leaders are coming together to stop crime in Raleigh county.

This is the first neighborhood watch that is operated through social media and monitored by law enforcement.

Neighborhood Watch founder, Von Moye, created the program four years ago to help rid his city of the high crime rate, and it was sparked when he and his mother were victims of a burglary at their own home.

He told us, “And Facebook being so popular I decided to start a neighborhood watch page on Facebook, and I added a few of my close friends, and then all these comments and private messages come in about the break-ins in our area, and I had talked to the deputies in our area that night and they told me there was a rising crime in this area and a lot of break-ins.”

The watch first started in Shady Spring, but now has groups in over 20 cities and has over 10,000 active members in its Facebook pages – where anyone who works and lives in the area, is encouraged to request to join and report crimes and suspicious activities in their neighborhood.

As the number of residents getting involved in the Neighborhood Watch grows, so does their sense of security. Members of the Neighborhood Watch have also been putting up signs where they can actually flip the color to let residents know the current safety of their area. Green means that everything is under control and red means that the crime is significantly higher at the moment.

Even Crime Stoppers is playing a large role in the community involvement that is needed to stop these crimes from happening.

“So now you’ve got concerned residents, you have Crime Stoppers, and you have law enforcement. All of us working together as a unit, looking out for each other, and when you do that and you report and you’re active.. the crime will go down,” Moye added.

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