Needleseye Boulder Park

Oak Hill has some great news for the area! The city has finally received a grant allowing them to move forward on plans for the Needleseye Boulder Park.  WOAY had the opportunity to talk to Marvin Davis, who gave us details on the park.

“The plan is for the park to be for climbing and building, which is another word for untethered  climbing and we are hoping to develop a trail system in the park for mountain biking and hiking, so it becomes more of an outdoor recreation mecca” said Davis.

He also says that when they first came across the park, they immediately fell in love with it and knew from the start it would be a great attraction for tourists and locals.

Davis explained in our interview, “We had heard about the boulders and everything, and we were thinking this would probably be cool to do, and it started with a trip down to Boulder Park. Bill Hannabass and a few others actually looked at it and they fell in love with immediately.”

The land is 300 acres, and there will be several activities to do and it will be open to the public. As of right now, they are still waiting for the next round of funding. Once they receive this, things will move faster. The park will hopefully be up and running by the summer or fall.

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