NCAA postpones championships for fall sports

WOAY – NCAA President Mark Emmert announced Thursday in a video posted to Twitter that the organization will not hold championships for fall sports, with the exception of FBS football, this season.

“The board of governors also established if you don’t have half of the schools playing a sport, you can’t have a legitimate championship,” Emmert said in the video. “We can’t in any Division I NCAA championship sport now — which is everything other than FBS football that goes on in the fall. Sadly, tragically, that’s going to be the case this fall, full stop.”

The councils that oversee Division II and Division III made this decision last week, but this also affects Division I schools, including West Virginia, Marshall, and Virginia Tech.

In addition to football, the NCAA classifies the following as fall sports: men’s and women’s cross country, men’s and women’s soccer, field hockey, women’s volleyball, and men’s water polo.

Several FBS conferences and schools have also made calls to not play games in fall 2020, but the Big 12 (West Virginia), ACC (Virginia Tech), and Conference USA (Marshall) are going forward for the moment with their respective football seasons.

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