Nationwide Public Housing Smoking Ban Goes Into Effect

MT. HOPE, WV (WOAY) – It’s the beginning of a new month and also the beginning of some new nationwide rules which has banned people from lighting up in their homes.

As of July 31st all government subsidized public housing nationwide must be smoke free. The ban was put in place HUD.

It was first announced in 2016 and cities had 18 months to make their properties smoke free. One of the main factors behind this ban was to cut cost.

Mt. Hope Housing Executive Director,¬†Stormy Parsons said, “It’s going to be more cost effective for the units when we turn them over. It would save anywhere from $16-38 million a year turning over units that were smoked in VS smoke free.”

Smokers will now have to be at least 25 ft away from their homes to avoid consequences which range from verbal warnings to lease termination.

If residents choose not to take that 25 ft trip to smoke there is another way. Although it is closer to their homes residents can smoke inside their cars.

Some residents aren’t completely against the ban but are curious what the future holds.

“It’s OK until it starts raining or its going to be kind if colder wet out here,¬†Donald Mays, said.

In the next few weeks smoker stations will be installed at both mt hope locations to indicate the correct distance.

For those who don’t want to follow the rules neighbors have advice for them

“Just abide by the rules you want a place to live you don’t want to be homeless,” Mays said.


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