National Transportation Safety Board investigating Lansing plane crash

LANSING, WV (WOAY) – This Monday the FAA and National Transportation Safety Board were back on the scene of a single engine plane crash that happened in Lansing. 

The crash happened Sunday morning and involved a Beechcraft C23, which is a light aircraft. It had three people on board, all of whom suffered fatal injuries and died in the crash. 

According to an investigator with the National Transportation Safety Board, Brian Layner, the aircraft took off from the New River Gorge Airport which is just up the road from the site, and the plane crashed shortly after.

“Witness accounts that we’ve gathered so far describe the airplane as using more runway than usual, taking off near the departure end, immediately entering a steep left hand turn and descending out of view into the trees,” Layner said. “They said the engine was running continuously throughout until they heard the sound of impact.” 

The three people who were on the plane were from Virginia. They were 38-year old Nick Fletcher, 36-year old Michael Taphouse and 39-year old Wesley Farley. Based on what information they have, investigators believe the purpose of the flight was for recreation. 

The investigation is still ongoing. They plan to get a closer look at the plane’s instruments to better understand what caused the crash.

“The aircraft recovery company is on its way, they’ll help us remove it and do a more detailed exam as we bring the wreckage out.”

Small aircraft typically don’t carry a black box, which is what commercial airliners use to record flight data in the event of a crash. Although there is no black box for this aircraft, investigators will still look at the wreckage and get an idea of what caused the crash. 

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