ONLY ON WOAY: ‘Rolling Stone’ in Fayette profiling non-traditional politician

OAK HILL, WV (WOAY) – A writer for Rolling Stone came to Minden Tuesday to capture a new movement happening in politics.

Justin Nobel says “You see a bigger movement across the country clearly. Whether it is inspired by Bernie Sanders or Donald Trump, people feel that yesterday’s politicians aren’t doing it and we need to step up but also we can step up.”

Justin is following Senate Candidate Paula Jean Swearengin in an effort to gain insight on what is driving citizens who are not career politicians to run for office.

Swearengin said,”If West Virginia doesn’t stand up and we don’t run for office on the local and federal levels and if we don’t unite then there is going to be nothing left for our children. There’s no promise of a diverse economy here in West Virginia.

The Minden Community Center was filled with multiple women and men who are not career politicians but decided to run for political office like Selina Vickers.

“My bottom line, has been for years, is trying to figure out how to have the corruption out of politics. It is rampant if you have a lot of money you get what you want in politics,” said Vickers.

These candidates are running for office solely on passion and Justin says Paula Jean is one of the most passionate candidates he has seen.

“There are a lot of really passionate people right now stepping up and Paula is certainly toward the top of that list.”

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