Narcan Training

The Fayette County Health Department had a training seminar today to help victims who overdose on opioids.
Narcan is a drug that is an opioid antagonist. This means it will reverse the effects people will experience with opioids or an opioid overdose.
The class is held in conjunctions with the Fayette County Health Department’s “Harm Reduction Program” which is held at the Fayette County Health Department every Tuesday from 10 a.m.-12:00.
Jason Favor, a Threat Preparedness Coordinator, said “The Harm Reduction Program is geared around a lot of different things. We will be handing out supplies, we are also offering a lot of other services. We have a physician here on staff, and nurse that is able to do things like Hepititas B and C testing.”
If you would like more information on this class or the services the Fayette County Health Department administers, visit their website at

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