Mountaineer Challenge Academy hosts Memorial Day ceremony

MONTGOMERY, WV (WOAY) – At the Mountaineer Challenge Academy in Montgomery, dozens of cadets line up for a Memorial Day Service. 

“We celebrated Memorial Day in our way,” said Challenge Academy Director Paul Perdue. “We came in and wanted the kids to know what Memorial Day’s about. And we are recognizing those who have fallen and sacrificed for our freedom.”

This is one of the first classes at Mountaineer Challenge Academy South. According to the director, the cadets are only seven into their 22 week session, and have already taken huge strides in professionalism. 

“I am super proud of the staff and the cadets for what they did today. It was an awesome presentation, and it’s something that moving forward I think can make Montgomery proud.”

Over the weekend, the 5th Platoon took part in decorating graves of Veterans at the Donel C. Kinnard Memorial State Veterans Cemetery.

“I think it’s important to pass on tradition and for the youth of our nation to know what holidays represent. A lot of people are sitting at home thinking it’s just a day off, but it’s not. Today’s the day we should definitely set aside to remember those who have fallen for our freedom.”

This is the first ever Memorial Day service put on by this branch of the Challenge Academy, and they hope to make it a yearly tradition. 

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