Mountain Valley Pipeline Public Meeting Held In Fayette Co.

 It was a meeting filled with anger and emotion as Fayette County residents and activitis came forward to voice their concerns on a proposal from the Mountain Valley Pipeline to install a compressor station within in Stallworth. The pipeline would go through several different counties including Fayette, Greenbrier, Summers, Nicholas, Monroe, Braxton, Wetzel, Doddrige and Harrison to transport natural gas.  

Officials from the Mountain Valley Pipeline and EQT took the stand on Friday to explain to the Fayette County Commission why they should vote yes to the project, claiming it will bring more revenue to the county, With property taxes being 840 thousand a year. 

“It looks good on paper what they have showed us, it looks good on slides. They look nice, they’re all dressed up but in the end they don’t live here, they won’t live here and they know that the economic impact and the environmental impact on other stations has been significant. You know from the air, to the water, to the noise shed we’re going to have whole bunch of things that we are going to have to live with if we live in that area. But, they don’t have to live with, not even the commissioners down there,” said Fayette county resident Kimberly Bennet 

When WOAY asked Mountain Valley Pipeline and EQT Officials to speak with us, they refused and although the commission has not made a final decision. Residents still feel that the Fayette County Commission will vote “yes” to the proposal. 

“The commission is going to roll over and take the dirty petro money. Money rules and these guys are a classic example of that. They’re wearing $5,000 suits and we are all here in jeans and t-shirts. Money rules and were an energy extraction state,” said Fayette county resident Ben Morgan. 

“A lot of folks assume that because there is $840,000 worth of property taxes potentially to be paid. I think too many folks assume that because revenues are difficult to come by given the downturn in the coal industry, a lot of folks assume incorrectly that the decision for us will be all about the dollars that are paid to the county part parcel the property taxes, that is not going to be the case at all,” said Fayette County Commission President, Matthew Wender added, 

The Fayette county commission will continue the hearing next Friday, September 15th, hoping a decision will be made then. 

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