Mount View High School Receives A Special Gift From A Special Guest

WELCH, WV – Senator Capito paid a visit to Mcdowell County, participating in several events. She announced an EDA grant to the McDowell Public Service and donated to a local high school.

Mount view high school received a visit from a special guest… Senator Shelley Moore Capito came to the high school and spoke to students about being from west Virginia, the position she holds as a United state senator and what her job entails.

The main reason for her visit was to give back to the community. Making a donation of new softball equipment to the Lady Knights
” I’m thrilled it was just a privilege and honor that she chose mount view high school to be here with us today the kids are so excited so it makes me that much more more excited for them.” Said Anne Marie Vance the softball head coach.

The lady knight surprised yet grateful for the visit and the donation¬†” She’s really nice and she actually thought about us not many people think about us like that and we actually needed the equipment cause we don’t have that much equipment. when she said we only had three bats she wasnt lying.” Said Cidney Vineyard, Senior Softball Player “We love everything like all of this stuff we need it this season. I think we really have a good chance with all of this new equipment.” Said Kaitlyn Hale, Senior Softball Player

Sen. Capito expresses why she chose to donate to mount view
” We had a lot of equipment and we wanted to find a softball team that’s got a lot of team spirit and that they enjoy playing the game and we know that new equipment is expensive. so we thought that Mount View would be a great place to come.” Said Senator Shelley Moore Capito, U.S. Senate (R)

Not only did the girls softball team receive the equipment that they needed but it came from someone that they look up to and admire, making them all the more grateful.

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