Mount Hope Trail Project

With the start of the spring season, many may want to seek outdoor adventure now that it’s getting warmer.

There are various rail trail systems throughout southern West Virginia. One that many enjoy is the White Oak Rail Trial, which currently terminates in Scarbro. Efforts are being made to connect it to Glen Jean, and then to Mount Hope. This would then connect local municipalities and the national parks. An unused CSX train line will be converted to a soft surface trial.

Dave Arnold with Adventures on the Gorge said, “What’s really neat about it is that you see people that are just getting some exercise, walking, walking with their dog, their kids. you see some people that are very serious and rode very hard. We ride fairly hard but there are some people that ride even harder than we do; such as cardio aggressive pedaling.”

These rail trails promote fitness by providing various stretching and cardio stations along the route. You are welcome to bring along your bicycle or skate board, and even walk your dog. There is even a dog wash kiosk in Oak Hill. These trails connect communities together through exercise.

-Frank Notarbartolo

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