Mount Hope Elementary Hosts Career Day

Elementary students in Mount Hope got a break from the classroom on Tuesday to learn about careers in their community.

Mount Hope Elementary held it’s annual career fair where police officers, army veterans, state government, and even WOAY¬†were among some of the professions they got a hands-on experience with.

School staff said it’s the fifth year the event has been held, and students are always excited to attend.
Michelle Harvey, Mount Hope’s School Counselor, said, ¬†“It gives them the ability to meet different professionals and ask questions, and maybe figure out what they want to be when they get older.”

And some kids have already made up their minds.

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” “A news anchor!”

Students from Kindergarten, all the way up to fifth grade, spent time at each career table learning about the different jobs and asking questions. They even got to dress up in the uniform or attire they’d like to wear in the future!

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