Morrisey thinks managing editor at Charleston newspaper called him a racist

Charleston, WV (NEWS RELEASE FROM MORRISEY CAMPAIGN) – U.S. Senate candidate Patrick Morrisey condemned the Charleston Gazette-Mail for a false, biased, and offensive tweet today calling Morrisey a racist.

After Morrisey tweeted a quote from Martin Luther King Jr., Greg Moore, managing editor for the Charleston Gazette-Mail tweeted in response: “If @MorriseyWV had been around at the time, he would have been trying to put MLK in jail and keep him there.”

“This is a stunning example of the bias and hatred in the liberal media, and it has no place in journalism” Patrick Morrisey said. “It is also a childish, ad hominem attack that isn’t based in policy or real-world evidence.

“The Charleston Gazette-Mail is wildly out-of-touch with the vast majority of West Virginia citizens. If the editors and reporters at the Gazette-Mail would spend half the amount of time talking to hardworking West Virginians as they do foaming at the mouth in their ivory tower, they might discover there are good people who don’t subscribe to their San Francisco manifesto.

“It’s clear that the Gazette-Mail and other liberal media outlets go after true conservatives who fight for conservative values. I’m proudly pro-life and pro-gun, and will do everything in my power to tear down the administrative state which restricts our freedoms. Sadly, the Gazette-Mail has gone after me for years because I won’t back down from my conservative values.”

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