Monroe County Residents Recover After Severe Flooding

UNION,WV (WOAY) -Monroe County residents are slowly recovering after heavy flooding occurred overnight on Thursday.

Willow Bend Bed and Breakfast Owner, Vips Alpizar said, “I just started getting a little nervous cause I’ve never seen it get this bad before and we were in the beginning stages of the flood warning.”

The flooding has caused significant damage to local households and businesses. Trees were uprooted and outdoor furnishings simply floated away.

Though the water is slowly going down, there are still some areas with high water levels which makes it virtually impossible for rescue crews to assist those residents.

The Monroe County Emergency Mgt. Director, Jeffery Jones adds,”We have a couple families that are in an area we cant get to them we just hope the rain quits and that the water levels continue to drop.”

The main damage in Monroe County occurred in the Salt Sulphur Springs area along the Indian Creek. The high levels even closed RT. 219 for some time. Emergency officials tell Newswatch, some areas had over two feet of water.

Alpizar’s bed and breakfast was hit hard by the flood. Her kitchen is now filled with water an just last week she purchased new gravel which has all washed away. She’s just glad her and her family are OK.

“We’re just going to take it one step at a time I’m going to see where we stand with the finances and just start putting it back together. I’ve got some events coming up so we have to get it looking good,” Alpizar said.


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