Monroe County Fire Levy Gets Shutdown

MONROE COUNTY, (WV) – Monroe County residents were able to cast their ballots on whether their volunteer fire departments levy passes.

With five separate departments, the money from the levy would have been used on purchasing new equipment and training for the volunteers.

After the final numbers were counted the levy did not pass, 54.55 % were for it while 45.45% were against it. In order to pass the levy would need at least 60% to pass.

The current fire levy will end next July.

Monroe County residents, explained that the reason for voting against the levy was because they didn’t want to potentially pay any extra fees.

Debra Bailey Monroe, “I think they’re just trying to get with they can get out of us I mean this is a small little town and it’s a lot of elderly people here and their on fixed incomes and it’s just hard for them to pay.”

No official word yet if the levy will be on the November election ballot. Residents also told Newswatch that they did not vote for the levy because of the EMS levy from last year.

They add that, though it was shut down residents were subsequently hit with a $100 yearly tax. Residents believe the EMS levy being shut down is the reason for the extra fees.

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