Mom says airline employee made fun of daughter’s name at gate, on social media


(AP)-A Texas woman claims a Southwest Airlines employee made fun of her daughter on social media because of her name.


Traci Redford told media outlet KABC that she was preparing to board a flight home from Los Angeles to El Paso with her daughter when a gate agent began making fun of the 5-year-old child’s name, ‘Abcde.’


“The gate agent started laughing, pointing at me and my daughter, talking to other employees. So I turned around and said, ‘Hey if I can hear you, my daughter can hear you, so I’d appreciate if you’d just stop,'” Traci Redford told the TV station.


Aside from the incident at the gate, Redford says the Southwest Airlines employee took the taunting a step further by posting a picture of the child’s board pass to social media.

Someone who saw the post brought it to Redford’s attention and reported it to the airline. Southwest Airlines later offered an apology through a statement.

Redford says her daughter doesn’t understand why she was cruelly mocked.

“She said ‘Mom, why is she laughing at my name? And I said not everyone is nice and not everyone is going to be nice and it’s unfortunate,'” she told the station.

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