Mom meteorologist wears her 1-year-old to work while reporting weather forecast

(ABC NEWS)- A meteorologist is empowering parents after she wore her toddler while reporting the weather forecast.

Susie Martin, director of operations and certified meteorologist for the weather company, Praedictix, recently wore her 1-year-old son to work in hopes to promote baby-wearing to other parents.

“I wanted to promote this wonderful tool that’s helped me as a mom and the bonding experience between mother and son,” Martin of Minnesota, told “Good Morning America.” “I suppose it’s a way for the baby to be comforted. It was nice for me personally because I could multitask while comforting my child.”


Martin said she wore her son to work on Oct. 5, in honor of International Babywearing Week, 2018.

The footage of the weather forecast, featuring Martin and her child, was shared on Facebook, where it has received 1.2 million views to date and thousands of comments from viewers inspired by the move.

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