Mobile Ordering Comes to Oak Hill Kroger

OAK HILL,WV (WOAY) – It’s a game changer at the Oak Hill kroger because now people no longer will have to wait in the long lines they can easily order their groceries all by the click of a button.

Kroger’s newest clicklist program just began and customers are already loving it

Shopper, Debbie Hendrick said, “Typically it takes me about an hour and half to do my grocery shopping and I can click it on my computer and it takes about 10-15 minutes.”

After customers place their orders click list associates will begin going through the store to pack the items. Although associates will be focused on packing online orders in store shoppers shouldn’t be afraid to still ask for help.

Store Manager, Matt Diederich said, “Our customers are our number one reason we are here so they do stop what they’re doing if they cant find it they’ll help customers locate it. They’re focused on taking care the customer with the online order but also the in-store customer.”

This online method prevents shoppers from purchasing alcohol,pharmacy prescriptions, and tobacco products. After your items are packed the associate will then take your items to a storage room until pickup time.

Not only does this new method of grocery shopping save time but also money. E-Commerce Specialist, Tracey Coffman said, “It keeps customers from making impulse purchases where they may not want to come to the store and pick up unnecessary items for the house”

In order to help you save even more Kroger has waived the first three service charges which are $4.95

When your order is ready for pickup just pull into the clicklist parking space make one phone call to the store then they will bring your items to your car.

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