Missionaries Help Victims In Huntington Flash Floods

Heavy rain turned Huntington’s 5th Ave into a lake Friday afternoon.

Before traffic stalled, the rising waters trapped cars giving two unlikely heroes a chance to shine.

 “We saw people struggling getting through the road,” said Gabriel Ladue, Mormon Missionary, “some cars shut off and just stranded.”

Ladue and his partner Tyler Hunsaker had never seen flooding before. One from Utah, the other from Arizona, they threw caution to the wind to pull people and cars from the water.

“We decided we’d get out and walk around, see if we can help people,” said Hunsaker.

One trapped car wouldn’t move so they waded into thigh high water, gave the owner an umbrella, and walked him to dry land.

“We center our work around small acts of service,” Hunsaker said, “I thought what better way than to help push someone’s car to safety.”

Ladue said at first they were the only people jumping in to help others. Soon, more and more bystanders helped push vans and cars free. Both missionaries said it was a chance to learn about helping their fellow man and inspiring others to do the same.

“If you’re close by where you know there is flooding get out and try to help people,” Hunsaker said.

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