Minden Residents Worry That Flooding Spreads PCB

The streets in Minden looked quiet different on Tuesday after the town was hit hard with heavy rain, flooding many streets and homes on Monday. And it’s not just the flooding that has residents worried, but what could be spreading into that flood water. Resident of Minden, Darrell Thomas told us, “When it comes up over the manholes it is just a direct shot over to my place and just pumps all over in my yard. It gets splashed onto my porch and my house in my yard, that’s just how I’m getting it. But everybody else is getting it down through there, flood waters and it all links together.” 

That water comes from a mine that is now abandoned. But, at one point it was an area that Shaffer Equipment Company used as a PCB dump. Now residents in Minden are worried that they are at even a higher health risk after the flooding on Monday. Minden Community Leader Suzy Jenkins told us, “This house over here across the road, Anita’s house. We found PCB’s there and she is constantly getting flooded by the water from the mines, the water from Oak Hill, it all comes down on her. She had water up in her house yesterday and it still has not gone all the way down.”

Many of these residents believe EPA has not done its job and even an Oak Hill Doctor has been asking EPA to take action for decades now. Dr Hassan Amjad told us, “The thing is, it is confirmed. International association for cancer accepts PCB as a carcinogen, so it’s not a question anymore. They could have questioned my finding, 25 years ago, but there’s no reason and nothing has been done for these people really.”

Starting June 11th, EPA will finally be testing all throughout the town of Minden.

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