Minden Residents Say They Will Not Give Up Until Something Is Done About The PCB Contamination

Minden residents have been waiting patiently for an answer from the Environmental Protection Agency after they tested for PCB contaminated soil this past summer.

“I have put in phone calls to five or six of the people who work for the EPA and DEP, and they’re avoiding me now. Before they kept in close contact with me, and now, when those test results are due to come out… they’re not wanting to answer my phone calls or messages,” Susie Worley-Jenkins told us.

The city of Minden has a cancer rate that is four times the national average, and residents believe that the cause of this cancer is from PCBs.

“There’s 251 people down here, and there’s 199 houses left, and all of them have been affected by it,” added Jenkins.

The PCB results from each of their households was supposed to be released over a month ago, but only results from the creek samples have become available.

These are the only results that have been released from the EPA so far, which show only a portion of the test results. But even this, proves that there are extremely high levels of PCB in Minden.

The results show that PCB levels are 10 times higher than they’re supposed to be, and residents say they won’t stop fighting until they get help.

“Where are these politicians that are supposed to be looking out for us? They’re supposed to be public servants. We haven’t seen anything. They haven’t even helped us with water, and they talk about a clean up? That’s not possible. If they were to be able to clean up some of this on the creek, they’ll never be able to clean up what’s coming out of the mines… what’s coming out of the ground at Shaffer… because once they clean it up and a storm comes, it washes it all back down here on everybody. I don’t understand why they won’t stand up and do the right thing, and buy these people out and get them out of here,” concluded Jenkins.

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