Minden Resident Asking Governor Justice To Help Relocate Town

Another day and another fight against PCB in the town of Minden. One local resident is pushing even more now for help to get out of the contaminated area.

“We are wanting Governor Justice to relocate people, and he’s the only one that can do it,” Susie Jenkins told us.

Jenkins issued a verbal plea to Governor Justice asking him to petition the Environmental Protection Agency to add the PCB-contaminated site, that is in the center of Minden, to the Superfund National Priority list.

“I just want him to do something for the people that are there. For the people that are dying,” explained Jenkins.

This comes after the town of Minden hosted environmentalist Lois Gibbs over the weekend to help figure out a plan for relocation.

“When you live somewhere all your life, when you live there like that, that’s your roots… that’s your home. Nobody wants this. Nobody really wants to move, but they want to live also,” said Jenkins.

Jenkins says there are over 125 residents in Minden that need this help in order to relocate.

“But a lot of them don’t have money. The jobs around here, everybody knows they’re not plentiful. There’s no high-paying jobs either, so that being said, how can they afford to move? They need help, and that’s why we’re sending a formal letter to Governor Justice,” Jenkins said.

However, when we reached out to the governor’s office for a statement,  they did not respond.

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