Miller hosts roundtable at new Raleigh County Sheriff’s office

Congresswoman Carol Miller was in Beckley today for a tour of the new Raleigh County Sheriff’s office and a roundtable with county officials.

She spoke to several leaders in Raleigh County, answering questions and listening to concerns and ideas for the county’s future.

“I had a productive discussion today with Raleigh County officials about some issues and problems the community is experiencing and how Congress can best assist and work alongside local government to solve them,” Miller said. “Hearing about the damage caused by recent floodings, the limited access to clean water for households, and the drastic impact of the drug crisis in Raleigh County highlighted how crucial it is to provide necessary resources to our communities.

She said her next steps are to go back and start digging into the issues raised during the roundtable.

“It’s important to me to come and listen and take notes and then see how we can help,” Miller said. “All issues are local, so everybody has their own pocketbook. And that’s part of the problem. How do we access the dollars? How do we do what we need to do better? And so I will go back and I’ll start asking some questions and have my staff researching.”

She wants West Virginians to look after each other and work together to solve problems and find hope.

The number of counties that Miller represents swelled from 18 to 28 counties after redistricting.

Because of that, she says roundtables are important because they let her find out what the problems are in each county.

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