Midland Trail Receives A Grand Donation

FAYETTE COUNTY, WV (WOAY) –  Students at Midland Trail High received a large donation that was adding an upgrade to their gym.

A local high school will now be able to benefit from a very generous donation from a fitness gym.

Midland Trail High School athletes and other students are the recipients of new gently-used gym equipment. Thanks to Active fitness in oak hill, the business donated 15,000 dollars of fitness equipment to school.

The Fitness center recently updated their equipment and was looking for a local school that will be able to use it. Owner of the center Waylon Payne surprised the students and Stepped out behind the box to show the athletes at the school several techniques.

Midland Trail Football Coach tells us, “When he showed us that the equipment he had I mean it’s top notch he’s says it’s used but it looks Brand new to us you know someone with big the Community willing to provide and give back to the community at local school it means a lot.” Said Frank Isaacs.

Owner of Active Fitness shared why it’s important to know how to use the equipment properly.

“Safety you know knowing we’re to place your feet and knowing your knees go knowing where your back is suppose to be and knowing we’re your shoulders to be like just safety that’s best part that is what I love to do for the schools.” Said Waylon Payne

Payne also said, he plans to come back again to hold another fitness seminar.


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