Midland Trail Instructor Awarded WV Biology Teacher of The Year

FAYETTE COUNTY,WV (WOAY) – Each year the West Virginia Science Teacher Association awards one lucky instructor with the title of being West Virginia’s Outstanding Biology Teacher.

Rachel Eades with Midland Trail Highschool just wrapped up her school year taking home the prestigious award. This past school year marks her 13th year as an educator.

Eades a member of the school leadership team she maintains her goal is to bring the entire science dept. together. So how did she get this award? She was nominated for the by MTHS Principal Richard Petitt.

Petitt adds, “Hardwork pays off and when you set high expectations and your consistent these are the kind of awards you receive.”

Eades born to parent’s who were also educators knew this was the career for her,”I love science, I love talking about life because life really inspires me and teaching inspires me.”

When it comes to students Eades takes the extra mile when getting to know them. “I treat all my student’s here as my children. I enjoy getting to know them, love them, embrace them and teach them about science and how they can use it in their life.”

Petitt told Newswatch that working with Eades has always been a pleasure, “She’s not high maintenance. I don’t have to worry about her wanting above and beyond expectations. She comes in and does the best of her ability everyday.”

This October Eades will be honored at a teaching conference where she will be given a $200 gift certificate along with a pair of precision binoculars.

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