Middle schoolers show off final projects from STEM camp

BEAVER, WV (WOAY) – At New River Community and Technical College, middle schoolers have been completing a three week STEM camp.

During the program sponsored by Verizon, they learn all about new technology like 3D printing, robotics and coding.

Their final projects were on display at the college. According to the camp’s director Dr. Angela Strickland, they used everything they learned to plan a mission to Mars.

“For the past three weeks, these students have been learning about programming, design solutions and coding,” Strickland said. “And now they are using all that they’ve learned to create life on mars.”

Each project is designed to solve a few specific problems, such as using robots to move water or people from one colony to another. 

“There have tools that they learn to program using their iPads. And they can make them stop and go, talk, and respond to colors or sounds.”

Although final projects were shown off, The Verizon Innovate learning Program is far from over. Students will get the chance to come back for one weekend each month throughout the remainder of the school year and learn more about STEM.

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