A Middle School Student Speaks Out About Being Bullied

A student at Independence Middle School speaks out about the type of bullying he has encountered on several different occasions. “He says I’m ugly, I don’t have good clothes and he said he is going to rip them up” said twelve year old Christopher Sears.

It sounds like kids just joking around but this Independence School student says there is a lot more to it. “I’m afraid he is going to bring a pocket knife because he always brings a pocket knife and puts it in his locker and he said he might kill me with it one of these days.” When we asked him if he has told the teachers or principal on his classmate he told us they said this, “Don’t worry about it, they’ll handle it.” And when I asked him “What do you think about that?” His response was, “I’ll be scared.” 

Christopher’s mother, Patsy Sears, said he has been tormented by his one of his classmates every day and she even kept him home from school on Thursday because it just keeps getting worse. “I’m sick of it, I’m not going to send him to school and let him be bullied. I’m not going to send him to school and me be sick all day because I’m worried their saying anything to Christopher or wonder if Christopher is getting picked on, or wonder if he is getting hit, or getting stuff taken away from him. I shouldn’t have to send him to school for that.” said Sears. 

When we asked what the school has done, Christopher’s mother said this “The principal just sort of pushes it away, just like she told him he needed to bully up.” said Sears. 

 WOAY reached out to the principal but she refused to comment on the situation. And when we asked Christopher what he would like the resolution to be he told us this, “For him to stop bullying me and if he doesn’t to get me a home bound teacher.”


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