Mercer County Students Kick Off First Day of School

MERCER COUNTY, (WOAY) – Summer is officially over for Mercer County students as they jump right back into the books as the first day of school begins.

The once empty parking lots and classrooms are now filled as teachers and students return. Parents flooding the parking lots to drop off their students.

One parent James Jackson dropped his daughter Gracie off to Straley Elementary School eager for her fresh start.

“I’m very proud that my step-daughter is going into the fourth grade an growing up and being a more young adult,” Jackson said.

At Princeton Senior High School excitement was in the air as incoming class of 2022 arrived for their first day of high school along with returning students. This year will be a special one for PSHS as a new principal is on board.

Tom Adkins, Principal said, “We’re excited it’s a good vibe going through the school. Kids are excited faculty is ready to go I’m just ready to hit the ground running.”

Teachers say it’s important for this new beginning coming on the heels of the previous year which included a nearly two week teacher walkout.

“That was a bit of a dark time it was a position we didn’t want to be in I don’t think and we had to work extra days for that. I feel like this is a new year and new beginning and it seems like the morale in the county has changed so I feel like it’s a good start,” English Teacher, Jennifer Persinger said.

After a few months of fun and no homework teachers say the first day is always one of the hardest because you have to get students back in routine.

Although students wish their summer was longer they’re eager to be reunited with their friends at school.

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