Mercer County State Troopers Giving Drivers More Than A Ticket During Routine Traffic Stops

MERCER COUNTY, WV (WOAY) – Drivers in Mercer County are getting something new from State Troopers after they are stopped for a traffic violation.

The State Police Department in Mercer County has changed up their traffic stop routine.
“Normally when people get pulled over they think, you know, they’re going to get a ticket or something like that but we like to surprise them! Said State Trooper Jacob Vanmeter.
Especially when the sounds of sirens are near and the sight of flashing lights are in the rear view mirror. Most peoples assumptions are, Oh no, I’m going to get a ticket which was the exact thought of one driver when she was pulled over by Mercer County State Troopers.
One driver shares with us what happened when she was pulled over.
“I was leaving work traveling down 460 and all of a sudden I see lights flashing behind me and I immediately thought, oh no, I was speeding and I’m probably going to get a speeding ticket.” Said Brittany Anderson
But to her suprise that was not the case.
“So I pulled over and I’m sitting there waiting for the officer to come to my carĀ  and at this time, of course I’m praying like please don’t let me get a ticket, please don’t let me get a ticket. He pulls up and he asked for my license, registration, you know all of my information and so I give it to him. Then he comes back and then he says, actually ma’am what we’re doing is, we’re surprising those that we stop and here’s a hundred dollar bill.” Said Anderson
This is a different way for the State Troopers to give back to the community.
“I feel like it makes the community relations better. It lets them know we’re people just like them too. We’re here for them and help serve the community.” Said Trooper Vanmeter
This special traffic stop was not only a surprise but it touched the drivers heart.
“And as he was handing it to me I immediately started crying cause not only was it a relief, but it was also just, how thoughtful for someone to do that. Anyone who gets pulled over, their first thought is, oh no I did something wrong and for him to hand the $100 bill, it just felt good! It was just so nice and nice of them to do. Said Anderson
The State Police Department received an anonymous donation to give back to the community and they are doing just that.
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