Mercer County Sheriff’s Department warns of scams

PRINCETON, WV (WOAY) – The Mercer County Sheriff’s Department is warning residents of current scams. 

The Sheriff’s Department says most of these scams come from unsolicited phone calls.

They include people claiming to be companies stating there is an unauthorized charge, TV providers offering to upgrade satellite gear and even people posing as local law enforcement demanding money. 

The Sheriff’s Department says if you do answer a phone call, you should remember the following tips:

  • Scammers might have some of your personal information and will try to get you to tell them what they don’t have, such as your social security number.
  • Law enforcement agencies will never demand money to dismiss a warrant.
  • Gift cards are not a form of payment for the government.
  • If you’re in doubt, hang up and call a publicly advertised number for the company or government agency that called you.
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