Memorial for Fallen Heroes

The mood was somber outside the Fayette County Courthouse on Tuesday afternoon as the names of Police Officers who have fallen in the line of duty were read aloud.

“This is the annual memorial service we have where we honor our fallen officers,” said retired Deputy Sheriff Garland Burke.

Friends, colleagues, and loved ones came out to honor the men and women who chose to protect the citizens of West Virginia.

“This is my 10th year of coming. My first year was 2008. We lost our son in 2006 and in 2007 we
went to Washington for their memorial service there,” said Susie Smith who is the mother of a fallen

The memorial was a time to honor the fallen but also to remember the ones who have sacrificed their

“They don’t lose their life but they lose their livelihood and their health,” said Garland Burke.

Susie Smith is the mother of a fallen officer who thinks memorials like this one help keep current
officers vigilant.

“I’m really grateful for Fayetteville that they do this. We need to honor the police and there
are a lot of new hires for the different departments around so they are vigilant of what the dangers
of their job is and that is why these ceremonies are so important I think,” said Susie.

WOAY NewsWatch would like to extend our gratitude to all current and past officers who serve

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