Medical marijuana bill passes the House; Headed back to Senate

CHARLESTON, W.Va. (AP) – West Virginia’s House has voted to legalize doctor-prescribed marijuana to treat certain medical conditions.

The bill, approved 76-24, needs to be reconciled with the version the Senate passed 28-6 last week.

It would establish a Bureau of Public Health program with identification cards for patients and authorize the drug’s use for patients who are terminally ill or have severe or chronic intractable pain, cancer, seizures, post-traumatic stress disorder, AIDS and some other diseases.

It would license plant growers, processors and dispensaries for cannabis in pills, oils, topical gels, liquids and a form that can be vaporized.

It wouldn’t authorize dispensing dry leaves or smoking.

House members rejected an amendment to let patients with prescriptions grow plants.

The Senate bill would allow two and establish a new regulatory commission.

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