Medical Marijuana Bill Awaiting House Approval

The West Virginia Senate passed a bill on Wednesday night that would permit marijuana to be used for medicinal purposes in all of West Virginia.

Senate bill 386 would create the West Virginia medical cannabis commission – a group of lawyers, medical professionals, members of the public, and agricultural officials who would oversee regulation of medical marijuana in the state.

Senator Richard Ojeda told us, “When you think about the impact that it could have on our state, it can go in many different branches. If you look at thousands of people that are suffering from many types of illness it can help them, and they’ve already shown wonderful results in areas that allow people suffering from post traumatic stress disorder that are allowed to use medicinal marijuana it’s showing great results.”

The bill still has to go through the House of Delegates for the final approval. Many expected for the vote to take place right away, but the bill was not brought up on Thursday’s session.

“Historic legislation has been done. And now it’s on it’s way- it’s been over. It was sent over at 9:05 this morning from the senate clerk to the house, and now all of a sudden there’s issues. Please do not let one or two peoples thought process, that may be a little out dated. “It’s a gateway out of opioids addiction and it’s a gateway to a better life for those who may only have a little life left,” Senator Ojeda added.

Although the House did vote against a separate amendment that was related to medical marijuana earlier this year, many delegates believe this new bill has better regulations and more benefits for the people of West Virginia.

Mike Pushkin, representative of the House of Delegates, agreed, “The vast majority of people in West Virginia, at least that I’ve heard from, support this idea, or at least support an up or down vote. It at least deserves an up or down vote.”

Twenty-eight states and Washington, D.C. have already legalized cannabis for medicinal use, and supporters of the bill hope to make West Virginia the 29th state.

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