Measuring Medicine Properly Is Essential

BECKLEY, WV (WOAY) – The Journal of Family Practice published a study that showed three-fourths of 130 adults still use spoons to measure medicine.

When taking medicine it is important to make sure that your taking the correct dosage.

Especially if the medicine is being given to a child. A local pharmacist tells us what should be used to properly measure medicine.

“Most of all you just want to be accurate¬† and often times that involves a small cup or if your pharmacy provides a syringe. So those are the two most common ways you’ll see but you’ll also see people measuring with spoons at there own homes and there’s some that advocate for these but often times they are inaccurate. So we do stick to these little dosing cups and the oral syringes.” Said Evan Brush, Head Pharmacist at Rhonda’s Pharmacy.
Lots of children are getting under and over medicated due to their medicine dosages not being measured properly.
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