McDonald's will bring back Szechuan Sauce again after admitting it botched giveaway

CLEVELAND, OH ( – If you didn’t score a packet of McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce over the weekend — and most likely you didn’t — you’re going to get another chance.

McDonald’s restaurants across the country were inundated Saturday by fans of Adult Swim’s “Rick and Morty” looking to complete to their own series arc by obtaining the long discontinued “Mulan McNugget sauce” during the one-day only giveaway.

The result: people waited in long lines — sometimes at the wrong restaurants — only to come away with no sauce. Several people on social media reported each participating restaurant only had 20 packets to give away. In Northeast Ohio, the sauce was only available at a pair of stores in Akron and Youngstown, though that didn’t stop some hopeful fans, who apparently missed the fine print on McDonald’s website, from showing up at Cleveland-area restaurants anyway only to be disappointed.

“Yesterday, we were truly humbled by the amazing curiosity, passion and energy this community showed to welcome back Szechuan Sauce — even if just for one day. Thank you, a million times over,” the statement read.

“Between the costumes, the memes and the cross-state travel, you, the fans, showed us what you got. And our super-limited batch, though well-intentioned, clearly wasn’t near enough to meet that demand.”

“Not cool.”

To make things right, McDonald’s says it plans on bringing back Szechuan Sauce this winter, promising to make the whole process a lot easier “so that any fan who’s willing to do whatever it takes for Szechuan Sauce will only have to ask for it at a nearby McDonald’s.”

Szechuan Sauce was last widely available for a brief time in 1998 when it was a product tie-in for Disney’s animated film, “Mulan.” It officially gained cult status on an episode of “Rick & Morty” when Rick reveals his motivation for all of the duo’s adventures through alternate timelines has been in search of the elusive sauce, which he refers to as his “one-armed man” and his “series arc [even] if it takes 9 seasons!”

McDonald’s says details on the next giveaway are forthcoming.

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