Mark Anderson: Risking His Own Life To Save Others During A Fire

FAIRLEA, WV (WOAY)- An apartment complex engulfed in flames caused tragedy to strike Thursday night.

“I am sad about the families that lost everything, I feel bad for my home, I can’t even live again in there,” said Kelvin Candelareo, a sixteen year old resident.

Many residents of the Perrine Apartments lost everything that they had.

One man was trapped in the building, not sure if he would escape the fire . That’s when Mark Anderson, a stranger,  put his life on the line and saved the man.

“I didn’t think.  I just ran in there and helped him get out.  He was on oxygen and I got him out of there and waited until the paramedics came,” said Mark Anderson who is our local hero.

Mark fought the smoke and risked his life to save another person in the fire that destroyed 18 of the 22 apartments in the complex.

“The back of his house was smoke everywhere and you could see where the ceiling was starting to bubble and buckle from the heat above. I pulled him out and he was on my shoulder.   He looked back behind me and the only thing he said was oh my God,” said Anderson.

Mark Anderson will no longer be known as just a manager at Little Ceasars, but will always be a hero and a savior and remembered in the Fairlea Community for helping save a life during a tragic time.

“I don’t see myself as a hero.  A hero is getting all of these people lives back in place.  I just did my part,” said Anderson.

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