March Snowstorm Preparations

After we had a mild February and start to March, trees and flowers have started to bloom early. With this snow drought southern West Virginia has been having, the thought of any snow will surprise us all come tonight.

Today was a sunny cool day in West Virginia while transportation department crews prepare for accumulating snow. As temperatures drop overnight rain will change to snow. While the roads this afternoon baked in the mid-March sunshine, it will make it tough for the snow to stick at first; but temperatures will drop and things will accumulate.

Crew members of Raleigh County’s Department Of Transportation are already preparing their trucks. James Sampson, Crew Chief of Raleigh County, says “We are going to have our night shift here, starting at around 7 o’clock and they’ll go out and do a little pre-treat to try to keep everything from bonding.” Crew members don’t want drivers to gamble with icy roadways, so they will start heading out right before the storm, to treat the roadways with salt melt.

Crew members of Fayette County’s Department Of Transportation are preparing as well. John C. Dixon III, Fayette County Highway Administrator, says “All of our trucks are prepared and ready to go, our salt bedding is full. We will probably start treating the roads once it starts to either rain or when the flurries start.” John C. Dixon III, Fayette County Highway Administrator, says “We will be going out right before the storm, this evening around 6:30pm-7pm.”

The West Virginia Division Of Highways always encourages people venturing out in this storm to prepare for winter driving conditions and take advantage of the West Virginia 511 Traveler Information System for updates on weather and road conditions.

You can always get the latest weather forecast and current storm information right here on our website.

– Frank Notarbartolo

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