Manchin thanks Trump after drug czar withdraws nomination

WASHINGTON (BY: LOUIS NELSON, POLITICO) – Sen. Joe Manchin on Tuesday thanked Donald Trump after the president announced Rep. Tom Marino withdrew his nomination as the nation’s next drug czar.

“.@realDonaldTrump – thanks for recognizing we need a drug czar who has seen the devastating effects of the problem,” the West Virginia Democrat tweeted. “I look forward to working with @realDonaldTrump to find a drug czar that will serve #WV and our entire country.”

Earlier on Tuesday, Manchin said he intended to stop Marino from becoming the nation’s drug czar, telling CNN that “over my dead body” will the Pennsylvania lawmaker be confirmed to the post.

The White House announced last month that President Donald Trump would nominate Marino (R-Pa.) to head the Office of National Drug Control Policy, an appointment that appears uncertain now in the wake of reporting from CBS News and The Washington Post that Marino championed legislation that hamstrung DEA efforts to combat opioid abuse.

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Photo Courtesy: Beitbart

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