Manchin Tells Constituents to Vote Him Out

CHARLESTON– A group of constituents recently spoke with Senator Joe Manchin via phone with just one topic in mind.

The group wants to hold a multi issue town hall to address their concerns with Manchin’s voting record. For example, he has only voted no to confirm 4 out of President Trump’s 15 cabinet picks so far and was the only democrat to confirm Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

While the conversation with Manchin started out well with him telling those listening that they probably agree on more than they disagree.

But it quickly turned hostile when Manchin said, “If you to invite people to come scream, I’m happy to do that, but it is sure as hell not going to change me.”

Then manchin said something quite interesting saying, “What you ought to do is vote me out. Just vote me out! I’m not changing. Find somebody who can beat me and vote me out, that’s what you ought to do.” And when one listener asked if that was an invitation or a threat Manchin said “Sure, it’s an invitation, vote me out!”

Joe Solomon was one of those present for that conversation and he says he didn’t quite know what to think.

“I think I was a bit surprised beacause I mean, it is clear that Manchin has a good heart and wants to serve West Virginians and he wants to stay in power in order to keep serving.”

But regardless of how this particular conversation went, Solomon’s trust in his senator remains.

“I am confident Senator Manchin will move towards those things in the interest of West Virginians, will have a public town hall, and will start standing on the side of mountain values of protecting our neighbors and diversifying our economy and he will give us every reason to vote for him in 2018.

Manchin’s communication director told Newswatch the Senator does plan on holding a town hall when his schedule allows.

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