Manchin dishes on 'engaging' dinner meeting with Trump

WASHINGTON (BY: CORTNEY O’BRIEN, – Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) was one of three Democratic senators to attend a dinner meeting with President Trump to discuss tax reform Tuesday evening. Manchin told the anchors this was the first time he has ever been invited to a sit-down dinner – with any president.

It went well, he told CBS News the morning after.

It was a very “open” and “engaging” discussion, he noted, particularly when the president brought up tax reform.

“I think they’re very aggressive on this – they want it done,” he acknowledged. “They want it in a bipartisan way. I thought it was very good for them to reach out to us.”

Manchin told the anchors that Trump was adamant when he said the new tax plan “is not going to be a tax cut for the super wealthy.”

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