Man steals his date’s car and takes her friend to a drive-in movie

(ABC NEWS)- A Tennessee man looking for love has been arrested and charged with stealing his date’s car and taking her friend out instead.

Suspect Kelton Griffin arrived at Faith Pugh’s house in Memphis to pick her up for a Saturday afternoon date last week, according to a police report. But Pugh, not knowing where Griffin was going to take her, asked him to drive her in her car, a 2006 black Volvo, according to the report.

When the pair stopped at a local gas station, Griffin asked Pugh to go inside the station and buy him a cigar, the report said. While she was inside, Griffin allegedly drove off in her car, according to the report.

Griffin deleted her from all his social media accounts and would not pick up any of her calls, according to the report.


And in a can’t-make-this-stuff-up twist, Griffin allegedly used Pugh’s car to take her god sister, Kadara Jones, to a drive-in movie.

A godsister is the child of a person’s godparent – the individual or individuals that some new parents’ choose to look after their child should anything happen to them.

Pugh got word from Jones that Griffin was on his way to pick her up, and rushed to Jones’ house but missed the pair, police said.

Later that evening, Jones texted Pugh to say she and Griffin were at a drive-in movie theater — in the stolen car, according to the police report.

Police went to the drive-in, found Griffin in the Volvo, and arrested him. He was charged with auto theft, police said.

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