Man Sentenced To Life In Prison After Robbing A 91-year-old woman

RALEIGH COUNTY,WV– (WOAY) Back in August, Brandon Cantley broke into a 91-year-old woman’s home in the Dry Creek Area of Raleigh County – looking for money.

Prosecutors say, he beat up both the elderly woman and her caretaker, then tied them up, and left them in the elevator of the home.

At his sentencing Tuesday, Cantley sat in dismay, waiting to hear how much left of his life he would spend in prison.
Judge Andrew Dimlich,went through the list of indictments – ranging from first degree robbery, to kidnapping. Although Cantley was indicted on nine different counts he only plead guilty to kidnapping.

Cantley will be eligible for parole after serving ten years of his life sentence.

After hearing his sentence, Cantley appeared sympathetic – even apologizing to the 91 -year-olds family just before being escorted from the courtroom.

Prosecuting Attorney Ben Hatfield says, “the whole ordeal has left the elderly woman emotionally traumatized.”

“She’s having some flashbacks in the night and she said she can feel him touching her and that’s the silent harm, that we don’t see,” adds Hatfield.

Cantley will spend at least 10 years in a maximum security prison somewhere in the state.

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